Hammer & Stain Party Time

Host a private event with your friends, co-workers, or family! Choose from a variety of projects for your group and pick a date and time that works best with your schedule.   

We are available 7 days a week for private parties, with exception of scheduled public workshops as shown on our calendar.  You let us know your preferred date and time.  

A deposit is required to hold your party slot on our calendar.  We require 8 workshop registrants/projects in order to do a private party.  (If you don't think you'll meet the party minimum, ask us about reserving a table at a public workshop for you and your friends instead!)

 Choose from a variety of project options for your group.  Depending on the projects chosen and time available, pick from 2-3 categories.

From Private Parties to Public Workshops - We are ready to DIY any project with you!

Kids Parties

Your child will be so excited to celebrate their party by crafting with Hammer & Stain.  They will have so much fun with their friends, plus have a fun crafty piece to take home.   *Projects vary by age group, generally 7 and older is appropriate 

Youth Collections Ready to Party:

  1. Pillow Party
    Party of 10 - $435.00  -  Each registrant will be able to choose their own personal design and add their name or initials.  Project when finished is a complete throw pillow.
  2. Small Wood Rounds
    Party of 10 - $350.00  -  Each registrant will be able to choose their own design and personalize.  Choose a collection to fit your style - two of my most popular kids collections featured below.
    Funny Puns                                    Say My Name
  3. Sneaker Time
    Party of 10 - $300.00-  Each registrant brings their own pair of blank canvas sneakers to the party (can purchase for $6.99 at Hobby Lobby).  Then using fabric, jewels, paint, and charms, they will design and fabricate their very own personalized set of sneakers.  

The above collections are only a sample of what we offer.  If you are looking for something you don't see here, please contact us for more information and pricing.

 Email us at hammerandstainmadison@gmail.com to request your date and time and for more information.