How to Book a Private Event or Party

Host a private event with your friends, co-workers, or family! Choose from a variety of projects for your group and pick a date and time that works best with your schedule.


We are available 7 days a week for private parties, with exception of scheduled public workshops as shown on our calendar.  You let us know your preferred date and time.  

A deposit is required to hold your party slot on our calendar.  We require 8 workshop registrants/projects in order to do a private party.  (If you don't think you'll meet the party minimum, ask us about reserving a table at a public workshop for you and your friends instead!)

 Choose from a variety of project options for your group.  Depending on the projects chosen and time available, pick from 2-3 categories.

Email us at to request your date and time and for more information.


 Project Categories:

18" Rounds
Can be done in any theme and any season.
Add Bows, Flowers, and other embellishments

Pallet Boards
Also available as Photo Pallets (Photo Pallets cannot be combined with any other projects).
Add Bows, Flowers, and Wreaths

Bottle Openers and Beverage Chillers
These projects can be done together, but cannot be combined with other project categories.

Single Planks
Single Planks are a great project for any age and can be combined easily with other wood projects.

Door Mats
Door mat themes can be done for any season, and switched out regularly.

Chunky Blankets
Blanket workshops cannot be combined with any other project categories.

Seasonal Projects
Holiday projects are available seasonally.
Ask for availability