Meet Your H&S Madison Team


Mandy purchased Hammer and Stain Madison in April of 2022 from Lisa Dally.  She had previously worked for Lisa teaching workshops and helping prep. She loved being able to be creative and get paid for it.  At the time, she was also working full time as Veterinary Surgical Assistant, and eventually needed to refocus her time and efforts to the OR.

At the age of 40, Mandy decided that it was time to take a different path in life.  With that, it took her a whole 20 seconds to think of what she would love to do - Paint - Laugh - Create - Hammer and Stain was the perfect option.  Fast forward 4 months to April 2022 and Mandy bought Hammer and Stain Madison.

When not working, Mandy loves spending time with her family and fur-baby Katana.  She has loved animals her whole life and spent over 20 years in the pet and veterinary industries.  So rest assured, there will be plenty of pet workshops scheduled.


Linda is Mandy's mom, and is the one who originally introduced Mandy to Lisa and ultimately Hammer and Stain.  "So this is all her fault!" 

You will see Linda out and about helping Mandy when she needs a third and fourth hand.