January Public Workshops

Stay Cozy in the New Year!

When booking your public workshop, be sure to verify what local venue we will be at.  Each venue will have different rules regarding outside food and beverage; please speak with the individual venue with questions.

Hand Knit Wool Hat

Wednesday, January 11th 6pm-8pm
at Artsy Fartsy on Monroe St.

Artsy Fartsy for all your unique gift shopping needs

Registration Closed

Framed Barn Quilts

Thursday, January 12th 6pm-8pm
at City of Sun Prairie Parks & Rec Building

City of Sun Prairie

Registration Closed
(Registration is through the City of Sun Prairie Website)
Framed Barn Quilts

Cozy Hand Knit Blankets

Thursday, January 26th 5:30pm-8:30pm
at Waunakee Village Center

Village of Waunakee

Registration Closed

Magical Squares

Friday, January 27th 5:45pm



Winter Snowman Lanterns and Trees

We Light up!!!

Saturday, January 28th 10am - 1pm
at Cottage Grove Parks & Rec


Registration Closed



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